General Housekeeping

Welcome to the PRINCIPALS TALENT family!

The following is a list of things you should take note of. These friendly tips will help you along your way.

1. Please be sure to save the following emails into your email contacts. We will be sending out monthly newsletters with very important information. We don’t want you to miss anything because our emails are being sent to your junk folders. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

2. Please be sure that once you have signed up for casting workbook all your online information and resume is correct and current. Make sure to also fill out your special skills, please check all appropriate boxes including skill level and equipment acquired. This can be the difference between booking and not booking.

3. If you are on facebook, and lets be honest.. who isn’t? Please find and friend us. We often post helpful tips and exciting news about the industry we all love so much smile  You can also find us on TWITTER!


4. If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. It is always better to ask for clarification as opposed to make a mistake because of lack of knowledge.

5. Please note that if we are calling out auditions, we probably have a few to call out at a time. If you have any questions regarding the specific audition itself please feel free to ask. However, if you are interested in discussing your career path please call back at another time, or better yet shoot us an email. We always like to catch up and chat with our actors, lets just make sure it is a time that is suitable so we are able to give you our full attention. 

6. Please call us before you STOP BY. We really do love getting visits from our actors, but sometimes we are really too busy and don’t want to be rude. So we end up chatting with you even if we don’t have the time. We are often taping actors, in meetings or working our best to get you your next auditions, which means it really isn’t convenient. If you could give us a ring when you are planning on dropping by, it will give us the opportunity to make time to chat with you when you come in! smile

7. One Last Time: REGRETS are UNACCEPTABLE. Please make a point of sending us your away dates and unavailable times as soon as you know, over email is the best way to communicate dates. When sending us your away dates please be advised that if you are giving us less than four days notice there is a good possibility that we have already submitted you for projects. Please try and keep this in mind and give us as much notice as possible. It makes us all look good.

8. PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR SHOWS!!! We do try our best to get to them, and at the very least we try to make a point of posting your good news on our social media outlets. Send us a photo and a short blurb via email and we will attach it to our sites. On that note, we always have the intention of making your news our news but time can often be an issue. The easier you make it on us, the easier it will for us to help you get the word out there. Same thing goes if you are producing an independent or short film. Let us know if you are looking for actors and we will happily email your our roster list.

9. If we have something that we feel numerous people on the roster may be interested in (i.e. open auditions, classes, workshops) we will EMAIL it our to our full rosters. If you don’t fit the specs or are not interested in this particular email, there is no need to respond (unless a response is requested). We are just sending out information that we feel may be of interest or help to you. You may or may not fit the specs in every case.

10. TAPINGS: When you come in for a taping please be aware that you may not be the only one. Please come in prepared, organized and on time, ready to go! Have your sides memorized; reading from the script is not acceptable. Be in correct wardrobe/attire and be well rehearsed. We want you to always feel comfortable in the office but please do your rehearsals at home. If you choose to bring your own reader that is perfectly acceptable, otherwise one of our agents or staff will be happy to help you out.

11. CASTING WORKBOOK: There have been some general questions about the notifications that Casting Workbook sends you via email, Casting Workbook automatically generates these emails and we cannot modify this. If you have any questions regarding the website call us or refer to the support section on the CW website. This notification is only to warn you that you have an audition that we will be calling out shortly. Please feel free to call us when you receive these notifications, we LOVE that!!! Casting Workbook has recently unveiled lots of new features; take a few moments next time your on to familiarize yourself with the changes, CW is a great resource for agents and actors alike. Having said that, please DO NOT print your resumes off the Casting Workbook. The contact information for the agency gets cut off and they just don’t look as professional as the ones we would provide you with. Please always use your PDF resume sent to you by us. Also, if you re having trouble finding the info we send you for auditions follow these steps:

a. Log into (linking from your notification email is not an option)
b. Go to Inbox and Messaging to find any audition information you may need. Here you will find breakdowns, notes and slides (if there are any)

If you have trouble with this still, please call us so we can walk you through this. It is very important to know all the information and dates before you audition.

12. We always give you all the information we can but sometimes casting, directors, or clients will make changes last minute and sides will be waiting for you at your audition. Please always be ready for anything, this is one of the joys of your job. You are all professionals and it shouldn’t be an issue. If you ever feel like we haven’t given you all the info you need please contact us so we can fill in any blanks for you smile

13. If you need a stop payment due to change of address or moving please take note of a ten dollar charge that the bank dings us with. This charge will be applied to your receipt. Unfortunately, it is costing the agency quite a bit of money when people FORGET to give us their change of address.

14. Your agent not only books you he/she also deals with your contracts. Your wardrobe fitting (time, place, what you need to bring) and your call time (when and where you will be shooting) will be given to you by production directly. They normally call people the day before and can call as late as 8PM, sometimes later. Normally, these production people are on set all day and arrange the next day’s shooting schedule after wrapping the current day. There are a lot of factors going into your call time, so if you haven’t heard from production by 10PM the night before you shoot, feel free to call your agent. When production calls, please take down all information and ask questions if you are confused about anything. We don’t get this information usually and cannot help you if you have any questions later. If you are asked to call back to confirm you call time, please be sure to do so, be professional and represent yourself well.

15. While on set, production will occasionally ask you to sign something… Don’t! If is something that you are unaware of or something you agent hasn’t previously explained to you, politely let production know that you do not want to be difficult but you would like to call your agent before you sign anything. If it is easier however, have production call. We are definitely not trying to hold up production or be difficult (and just so you know this really doesn’t happen often) but we need to make sure we are taking all the right steps in order to properly take care of you, our actors. If you can’t reach your agent at that time, any other agent in the office will do our best to get it sorted out immediately. We are always here to help you guys. Always!

16. If you are reading this on behalf of your child, please summarize the important and relevant information. As well as have them read the monthly newsletters that we publish. Responsibility starts early in this career and if they are serious about it they will be thrilled to be a part of the process. Obviously this is relevant to their age however smile