Audition Reminders

Please Read In Regards To Auditions:

1. Please make an effort to not only be on time, but early. Being there 10 - 15 minutes before your audition time will allow a moment to fill out casting forms when you arrive and familiarize yourself with any lines they may have for you.

2. Please be sure to fill out the forms correctly; agents names, phone numbers and sizes. Remember that these casting forms are usually the information production gets about you and making sure your information is correct and up to date is very important. Also, note any dates you may be unavailable.

3. Please take a headshot and resume with you to each and every audition. If you do not have a resume yet please send any of us an email and we will get it out to you ASAP. If you need copies of your headshots made, contact Rocket Repro. They are the most reasonable prices that we are aware of. They are located at 404 Cordova in Vancouver. (604) 682 - 6000

4. Once you are in the audition room, the director will tell you what to do; please follow instructions and listen carefully. If you had sides be sure you have them memorized, you may want to take them in with you to review while you wait. Please also follow any wardrobe notes as closely as possible.

5. Please be quiet while waiting your turn to audition, this is a common courtesy to the other actors. Cellphones on vibrate please.

6. If you ever have any questions about an audition before you go please email or call. We would rather you ask a question than go and be unsure or uninformed.

A Couple More Reminders…

• We have no control over auditions times - we wish we did but it’s just not the case

• Please keep us informed of your vacations etc. A quick email with the dates is all we need

• Please keep us aware of anything needed to be added to your resume of if any changes need to be made

• Please get your Principals Talent information sheets into us as quickly as possible. This is so we can be better informed when submitting you for projects

• If you do get a CALL BACK, please take a headshot and resume again, also please wear what you wore to the first audition.

Most importantly, go into the audition and have fun, this is supposed to be enjoyable.